First You Draw A Circle :: Privacy Policy

Effective as of April 14th, 2013

FYDAC (, First You Draw a Circle, or hereon out, The Site) collects the following information from any of its visitors:

Page Tracking
Mechanisms are in place on the Site which track the frequency, times, and address of pages visited as well as the real-world location of the visitors based on the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Such tracking is done without the use of uniquely identifiable contact information, thus is not within the application of COPPA.

In addition to information collected on visitors, a number of services exist on the Site in which a visitor may opt to enroll.

The Passport account, used throughout the Site, collects the following information:

  • Email: Should a member opt to, an email address will be recorded for the sole purpose of retrieving a lost user name or password. Only account holders of at least thirteen years of age are allowed to enter an email address; any below this age should not supply one to the Site. Members over the age of thirteen may elect not to enter an email address, thus there is no way to discern the age of a member from this information alone. By supplying an email address, a member asserts that they are of the appropriate age for uniquely identifiable information (i.e. the email address) to be recorded, as demanded by COPPA.
  • Password: A passphrase for every account is stored in an encrypted format using a "salted" MD5 algorithm. It is beyond the realm of probability to discern the original password a user entered, even for staff members at the Site.
  • IP Address: An encrypted version of Internet Protocol addresses used by all registered members and unregistered users of services on the site is stored for security purposes. This ensures the possibility of blocking malicious users, in accordance with COPPA. Since it is encrypted with a salted MD5 checksum, it is not possible to determine which IP addresses are being used by visitors, but it is possible to check the IP address of a visitor against a recorded address in its encrypted form.
  • Frequency of Visitation: All account holders receive special virtual items based on the frequency which with they visit the Site. This does not discern which pages they visit on the Site nor if they visit more than once per day. These special counters can be used by the account holder to earn other benefits on the site. They may also increase these counters through other site activity, thus this information cannot be used to gauge visitation accurately.
  • Most Recent Visit: The most recent visitation at the site by any member is recorded for the purposes of removing (non-uniquely-identifiable) information about the member.
  • Cookies: A user may choose for their web browser to "remember" their log-in session, which saves a "cookie" on their computer. This cookie information is used to allow a user to utilize the Site without having to re-enter their log-in information.

No information collected in the FYDAC account is ever shared with any third parties ever -- sold or voluntarily or otherwise.

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