First You Draw A Circle :: About the Passport

What is the Passport?

What is the Passport, one may ask (sometimes called just a FYDAC account, a FYDAC Passport, or by its old abbreviation, RRPP). It sure doesn't look like any software or online program you've seen before.

And there is a good reason for that: it isn't.

The Passport system is propriety to FYDAC, although it was originally developed and used for a time on another website. It was designed for that specific site's needs, and probably wouldn't be a good fit anywhere else. It was leveraged for FYDAC because, hey, good code is a terrible thing to waste. The simple idea for it was for one account -- one username and password -- to control all functions that may pop up at a site.

With a Passport, you can rate, comment, and create for almost everything here.

Do I need a Passport account to use the site?

You can still visit and do all of your normal activities on FYDAC without a Passport account. You can even comment and submit a good deal of fan content without one, too. For the most part, Passports are needed to rate site content, protect your screen name from imitators, authenticate staff members, and keep you from having to answer those bothersome anti-spambot questions.

How do I get my own Passport account?

You can sign up for a Passport if you do not yet have one. If you do have one, simply log in. FYDAC has never existed without the Passport, so all of its functionality is integrated into it. However, if you signed up for an account at that, ahem, other site way back when, you will have to sign up for a Passport account here.